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Hawaii has been raining on it off with these baby showers. This morning started off being like this……. But I rather have this rain than those rain when you can’t do anything. Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! 最近のハワイは毎日雨!海行きたい人は残念ですね。 だけどハワイの良さは雨が一日中ではなくてシャワーのように可愛い雨で! 2−3時間たったらもう空は青色! 皆さんは日曜日どう過ごしましたか?

Yaya’s adventure: Makapu’u Point Lighthouse

Hi everyone, how are you all spending your weekend?? We would like to introduce you one of our favorite spots for hiking – Makapu’u point lighthouse. It is perfect hike for beginners, only 2-mile paved hike. Located within the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, you can see the outstanding views of O’ahu’s southeastern coastline, Koko Head […]


Here are the fans who stopped by at our store this month! Thanks for always shopping with us!! MAHALO 88teesの大好きなお客様達がお店に来てくれました! 犬ちゃんの洋服もありますよ〜! これからブログもアップして行くので宜しくお願いします。 PS:インスタ&FB(フェスブック)もフォローしてください!タグも忘れずに!#88tees


There were many questions regarding on where we are located, so I’ve decided to talk about our secret entrance! It is a bit tricky, but once you’re on Kalakaua Ave, you will see us! Next to Prada here we are!! 88teesは何処なの?という質問にお答えします! カラカウア通りプラダの横にこの小さい入り口。車のプレート見えたら当たり!!エントランスでの記念写真もいかがですか?  

Celebration of 88TEES new website!

  Welcome to our new website! Starting from today Friday September 18th until September 20th we are having 15% off sale! And of course we will be updating our blog as well, stay tuned!! ALOHA! ホームページリニューアル記念で9/18-9/20まで15%オフ!オンラインストアの場合:チェックアウト際COUPONの所でweblaunch15off をお入れください。お店の場合:お客様このページお支払いの際こちらのサイトそしてインスタ、FBいずれかのページをご提示して頂けますと15%オフなりますので、携帯でスクリーンショットも大丈夫なので!お店までお待ちしてます!    

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